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leviathan!cas with 8 ? C:
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 Why do you think you two are the vessels? Think about it. Michael, the big brother, loyal to an absent father. And Lucifer, the little brother, rebellious of daddy’s plan. You two were born to this, boys! It’s your destiny. It was always you. As it is in Heaven, so it must be on Earth. One brother has to kill the other.

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The Devil he wore such a fine, fine shirt
And it stayed so clean as he dragged me through the dirt.

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I just spent all day reading all your stuff (❁◕ ‿ ◕❁) I never realized I liked casifer until now.
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That is so sweet. Thank you so much. It’s comments like this that keep me motivated to write post things about this ship. (Who are we kidding? I write it anyway.) It’s a really lovely pairing but one that suffers from horrible mischaracterization in the fandom.

My weekend is looking pretty busy, but I am going to try to put something up if only because the tag has been full of noncon and abuse and illegitimate pairing that I’m just bothered and baffled. That being said, I’m open to other ideas.

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